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Posted by Bigbet on Monday, September 21, 2009

Online Mahjong

With many Asian countries developing rapidly and quickly gaining wealth, it is no surprise that online gambling is becoming more and more popular in Asia.

Cryptologic, a leader gambling software provider didn’t miss the chance and managed to secure a strong position on the Asian online casino market. Cryptologic has several investments in Asia, one of which concentrates around the popular Asian game of Mahjong.

Not long after Cryptologic’s investment in the development of online mahjong games, the Asian-bases group called Mahjong Time made a licensing deal which makes them a provider of mahjong betting games to Internet cafes in thirty provinces and 250 cities, which is about half the Internet cafes market in China. They also made a partnership contracts with over 1,200 distributors.

It is hard to find a better online gambling market than China, as the country has over the largest number of Internet users in the world at over 200 millions and this number is increasing rapidly. Of course online gambling will have to face many regulations, as all other areas of human activity in China, but Asians will surely catch the idea of online gambling, as the gambling and the idea of good luck is well known in every Asian country.

The sole game of Mahjong is estimated to be played by over 600 million people worldwide and it is the most popular game in Asia. Every household plays mahjong at some point, a little bit like every Western household plays Monopoly.

Online Mahjong games are gaining more and more popularity in the U.S. Although no online casinos run by Cryptologic or its licensees are doing business in the United States, the American players can try their luck in Mahjong at the Microgaming-powered casino The World Series of Mahjong (an equivalent of the World Series of Poker) whose official partner is Mahjong Time, puts much effort into popularizing the game of Mahjong on the global scale.