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Posted by Bigbet on Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cute poker hands

The river bluff-reraise is a cute move. It’s almost never the right time to attempt a bluff-reraise. It’s usually really expensive, especially in a heads-up pot. And you have to be against someone who you know is capable of bluff raising the river. These people do exist. The problem is that they usually aren’t bluffing when they raise you on the river.

In one hand, I’m against a constant semi-bluffer. He is always pushing back, so sometimes I have to push too. That is why I three bet him on the turn with my 8-high flush draw on a paired board. Of course, when the flush misses, the only way my 8-high will be good is if I don’t have to show it. Time to bluff. Unfortunately, the best laid plans and all that. When he raises my bluff I quickly relocate the logic I used to raise the turn to the river and decide that three betting here with the obvious worst hand is probably a good idea. Luckily for me he folded.

It hurts so good. So, yet again, I’ve had a 300 big bet downswing. I am sure this is in part because I played poorly. And it is in part due to the qualitiy of my opponents. And it might have something to do with the fact that I play three tables at a time, unable to give any table my full concentration. But a good portion of it is due to luck.

It was 25 days from peak to trough, but the number of hours was sparse. Finally today I clawed back to even, as measured from the beginning of February. That does not match my peak, but it sure is nice to know that I am starting to “make a living” again. Gotta love pocker!

Bluffing with the best hand is cute too. When you are bluffing, it is usually best to bluff with hands which are worth almost nothing. Part of the reason is that you will often have the best hand and would have won a free showdown anyways. However, this only holds when you are bluffing with position. When you are first to act, bluffing with the best hand has value in the sense that you are less likely to be rebluffed off of the best hand.

Case in point. You make it to the river against a nut ball with 8-high. You have been semi-bluffing all the way. So you certainly should bluff with what is the worst hand right? Heck, even if it is not the worst hand you want to keep the idiot from bluffing you out. But who’d expect a hand like 8-high to call a full bet into a smallish pot on the river.

I never really thought of 8-high as having any value betting potential. I only thought I’d get the worse hands to fold, and get a few of the better hands to fold as well.

Posted by Bigbet on Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Liv Boeree at PokerStars

Olivia Liv Boeree is the newest member of the pokerstars team.

She is 26 years old and specialized beyond poker in various other activities. She is fond of playing guitar and takes an interest in several other games as well. Due to her adventurous personality, she likes to go on hilly areas and often enjoy rock climbing. Her good-will make herself wearing skintight animal print and enjoying rock climbing. She is one of those who enjoy nature and she loves rafting and skiing. Boeree takes part in all types of games of poker and is crazy about card games.

Besides all these enjoyments, she is serious about education as well. She is a well-educated person and has a degree in physics with a major in astrophysics. Boeree got her education at the University of Manchester, England. She is an intelligent woman and got mostly “A“ grades, in subjects like math, physics, and biology.

She participated in the European Poker Tour or EPT and took down the San Remo title, who is a one of PokerStarss European Poker Tour main events. She got a prize of $1,698,000 in this huge event last April. From that achievement, she was offered to join Team PokerStars  as a sponsored pro. In reply, she explains that she is happy to get this huge prize but want to learn about poker from all over the world instead of joining poker suddenly without any proper professional training.

Early on in her career, she was selected as a contestant for a reality TV show. The show was published on television in 2005. She received coaching from a number of poker pros such as Annie Duke, Dave ‘the Devilfish’ Ulliott and Phil Hellmuth. She not only was introduced to the game of poker by some of the best out there, but she also made the most of it.

This show included five contestants who would be coached to play poker against one another. She got close to Duke and Hellmuth, and both helped her a lot in her career.  These were the three main pros of Team UB, but she left them now to join pokerstars. She was more popular from the TV show and remained a TV host after that for a long time. She also experienced hosting Challenging TV online covering of the EPT.

As a poker player she got prizes of $19,000 in 2007. In 2008, she won the Ladbrokes European Ladies Championships for $30,000. In April 2009, she earned $23,000 at the WPT prelim events and finished 37th at the WPT Main event for $41,000. Due to the result of hard working and striving, she earned a total of about, 2,000,000.