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Posted by Bigbet on Thursday, June 18, 2009

my poker dream

My first priority is building my poker bankroll. I would like to move up in limits, but I need to have a solid bankroll to do that because that is the deal that I made with my wide. There is no replenishing the bankroll if I go bust. My goal for September is to reach $6,000, roughly double what I have now. I have about $950 in bonuses to clear, the rest has to come from either new bonuses or my nascent poker skills.

My second priority is to be able to draw a stream of income within the next 18 months. We are considering adding to the family, and I would prefer to stay home to raise my children rather than putting them in daycare and going to get another job that I hate. If I could generate income from playing poker, perfect.

My third priority is to learn other games. I have no confidence in my NL holdem cash game. I basically suck. I think that I am much more comfortable in a tournament because I cannot lose any more that what I bought in for, and I have a shot at a relatively huge payout. In a cash game, that is not the case. I don’t have the stones. I also want to learn Omaha 8. I have dabbled, and have done relatively well by following simple strategies found both here and in Super System.

My Poker dream is to keep taking shots at the big money tournaments by trying to qualify through low buy-in and freeroll qualifier tourneys. Winning a big tourney is every poker players dream, and I am no exception.

I would like to become good enough at poker that I could make a living doing it. I have invested a few months and a several hundred (thousand?) dollars in my poker education. It would be nice to have it pay huge dividends.

Any bracelet at the WSOP, this is a long shot dream. I can’t seem to get AA to hold up to save my life this week. My daughter got sick playing with her cousin this weekend. I need to go to the store for formula and strained squash. And sauerkraut. She likes sauerkraut. Oh, the joys of fatherhood. And of poker.